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Chocolate fountain – a delicious chocolate fall, with an unforgettable flavor that turns the fruits into eternal pleasures.

Chocolate is one of the earthly temptations that delights all our senses, and we leave ourselves happy tempted by it. Is there a more delicate, smoother and, why not, more romantic aliment than chocolate? There are people who do not like it? Talking badly about chocolate is almost a heresy.

But why do we love chocolate so much? Part of the pleasure comes from the fact that its melting point is slightly below our body temperature, it melts in your mouth.

“Doses” of chocolate are associated with the release of serotonin in the brain, the pleasure hormone. Its story full of mystery will fully conquer you will be fully captured by the effects that certain ingredients from chocolate can have on you.. “

Available chocolate fountains:

1. Professional large fountain – events up to 600 persons

Chocolate fountain serving details:

  • an elegant assistant will greet guests, will guide and serve them throughout the event.
  • we offer the best selection of fresh fruits, exotic and local, kept in optimal condition in order not to oxidize.
  • guests cannot get dirty, because of the serving technic, fruits are cut into suitable cubes in order to be easily introduced on bamboo sticks and easily served.
  • we offer premium Belgian milk chocolate, white or black.
  • guests have unlimited access to chocolate fountain, so that they can enjoy this exotic appetizer whenever they like.
  • decor in tone with the event.

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