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Is your child’s birthday or the birthday of an important person in your life?

Do you want to organize a surprise party?

You need a suit for a day in order turn into your favorite hero?

Star Events can find a variety of carnival costumes

  • fairy tale characters (Snow White, Cinderella, The Goat with Three Kids, Little Red Riding Hood, princes / princesses, etc.).
  • pets (ladybugs, teddy bear, dinosaur, kitty, tiger, frog, rabbit, elephant, lion, fox, penguin, goat, wolf, small caterpillar, little beetle, ants and more)
  • Halloween horror characters (vampires, ghosts, scary brides, bats, skeletons, monsters, pumpkins, etc.).
  • Christmas (angels, Santa Claus, Snowman, Snow Queen, Joseph, Mary, wise men, shepherds, kids, kings, etc.).
  • Easter (bunny, painted egg, chicken, hen, rooster, etc.).
  • 1st June (bees, bumblebees, magicians, Harry Potter, flyers, musketeers, folkloric costumes, White Moor, and so on).
  • Theatrical costumes from different eras, funny costumes, superheroes, etc..
  • In order that the outfit to be complete you can accessorize with a mask, a hat, a wig, or one of the many existing articles.

Costumes and accessories can be rented for 24 hours (from one day to another).

Contact: 0731.02.04.07 

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