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The weeding invitation is the one that announces the happy event, the first impression that the guest will keep about the great event. In order to be sure that you have done the best choice, review as many models as possible.

The invitation, together with the table cards, menus and the gift envelopes, must be chosen in accordance with the dominant colours of the wedding. This detail will provide a cromatic unit.

The model of the invitation must be chosen according to the wedding theme: choosing a rustic wedding or nonconformist one you can choose a model and a text invitation funnier also. If, however, you want an elegant wedding, the invitation you choose should be in the same note. It is very important that the design often expresses even though that cannot be trasmitted by writing.

The texts should also be suitable to the model. The way text is written, that is the form of the letters, depends on the font used. The most commonly used are fonts that imitate handwriting, sometimes very stylized. And envelopes, though in the same note with the invitation, should be as simple as possible. This, because is the invitation that you want to stand out, not the envelope!

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