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Orthodox baptism: sacrament of baptism, religious rules and traditions

Through baptism, the new birth is received among Christians and the Church. Ancestral sin (from Adam and Eve) and are forgiven and he / she receives the Holy Spirit of God. Sacrament of Baptism is performed in the church after its ordinances. Baptism is up to 40 days after birth can take place only once.

At Orthodox, like the Catholics, choosing a name for a child is the parents’ choice but it can also take into account the advice of the priest. It is good that the baby will receive a calendar sacred name. In our country, the most common name for boys is John, named after St. John the Baptist, and for girls, Mary, Mother of the Saviour. In this way, the saint whose name bears the child will always pray for him. Sometimes the church does not recommend choosing the second name for the small one, considering that the saints have generally had one name.

After choosing the name, parents will look for the godparents. They should be a couple with religious ceremony, but it can sometimes that just a godmother or just a godfather to marry. The baptism godmother prepares in the first place the baptism candle, that must be adorned with flowers. Lily, for example, is considered the symbol of the Virgin Mary. A part of the tree can also be put, so that your child is healthy and strong as a tree, flower bridal, not to have linked weddings, fern for benefit. The candle ribbon should not be too short (she / he will get married too fast) or too long (she / he would marry later). Also the godparents will prepare for the child’s swaddle a piece of white cloth. Here, it is said to be a canvas unsewed, unfinished, because Jesus Christ was wrapped so, or if you cannot otherwise, a towel or other material … The symbol is number three in the baptism: priest immerse the baby in water three times, on the baptism table there are lit three candles, diapering cloth to have three meters … After baptism, godparents have to put silver cross at baby’s neck. The grandmother is dealing with swaddle the child, after this she can give the baby in mother’s arms. Baptism party is also important, and it can be arranged in any day of the year, even in the post – the church says that the baby does not choose when to come into the world, and so it must be baptized without any restraint.

Catholic baptism: baptism customs and rites of the Catholic Church

Catholic baptism does not differ very much from the Orthodox one, but there is a set of rules established in the development of the baptism. Godparents are important and must be Catholic. During questions to which they are subject (as in the Orthodox rite, godparents must respond to give up Satan, and that they will increase the child by Catholic teachings until he / she decides for himself / herself) are asked if they believe in the Church Catholic, so they cannot say no, belonging to another rite.

The little that is to be baptized he / she is not immersed in water just sprinkled on the head three times. Then the priest makes the cross on the forehead and chest. Also the priest is the one who gives baptism lighted candle to the godfather, telling him to keep the baiby faith and to be his / her spiritual help. Also, the priest prepares a white cloth to wrap the baby, after being anointed with oil. Godparents who are not effectively participate in the preparations of the baby, but only had to answer the priest’s questions about the faith in the Church. The baby is given directly to the mother. Sometimes the mother brings the baby wrapped, the rules not being so strict.

Tips: If you want to make the christening party at a restaurant, chose a hotel or a restaurant location that has a room for the little one so that the parents and godparents can take care of him / her permanently.

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