It is not mandatory to target a church located closer to the restaurant. Of course, this is a very practical criterion and it should not be ignored. Considering, however, that religious wedding is one of the most important moments of life you must choose a Church in which both of you are feeling good because, after all you need to feel united in front of God.

You can choose for the church where you often go or you can marry in the church where you were baptized. You can give rise to a family tradition, choosing the Church where married one of your parents.

It is better to decide on the Church about four or even six months in advance in order to find free both the day and time desired. Famous churches are overburdened from spring to late autumn.

Once you have decided on the Church talk to the priest and set some details. First you have to agree on time. The best schedule for summer is 17.30 – 19.00 avoiding this way the heat form the midday. The situation changes when we talk about a winter wedding; the best would be to schedule between 15.00 – 17.00 the latest, if you want to take pictures at the end of the service, because it gets dark early in the winter.

Other details that should not be missed are the tax that usually it is paid by the godfather in the wedding day and the choir reservation if any.

Necessary for the wedding day:

  • Marriage Certificate (without which the priest will not officiate the religious service);
  • * The two candles that will be held by the knight and maid of honor;
  • * A bottle of red wine;
  • * Some wafers;
  • * wedding rings.

If you already set the wedding date without consulting a religios calendar. There are Lents when weddings will not be officialized weddings and some can vary from year to year.


Necessary documents:

  • *Birth certificates of the future spouses, original and copy;
  • * Identity card of the future grooms, original and copy;
  • * Prenuptial medical certificate issued by the doctor based on the analyses. It is important to note that the validity of prenuptial certificates is 14 days; so the doctor must issue the prenuptial certificates the day before you submit the file;

  • * The sentence of divorce, final and irrevocable, original and copy or death certificate if both or only one of the future spouses were married, divorced or widowed;

In the case in which one of the spouses is foreign citizen following documents are necessary:

  • * Passport with the valid visa for at least from the submittal of documents and until marriage (14 days);
  • * Birth certificate with the translation legalized by a public notary;

  • * Statement from a public notary attesting to the marital status information and the fact that he was married or not (if he was married it is needed the sentence of divorce in original and a certified copy thereof, or certificate of death);
  • * A proof issued by a diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania which shows that are fulfilled the conditions required to fund their national law for marriage in Romania.

On the day of submitting the file it is also completed a declaration of marriage and a stamp duty is paid.

Submitting the file

It shall be submitted two weeks before (on Monday) the day on which you want to marry, at the registrar’s office, from the City Hall on which you have decided. The presentence of both prospective spouses is required.

Necessary on the civil wedding day:

Before entering the room where the marriage will take place, make sure that the godfather, groom or wedding-planner have the identity cards of the future grooms and the ones of two witnesses – usually but not necessarily the godparents identity cards. These must be given to the officer of civil status before starting the ceremony and you will get them back at the end of it.

Most city halls have a special lounge where you can get receive the congratulations and collide a glass of champagne with your guests. Plastic cups and the candy box kidnap from the ceremony pomp. The elegant and comfortable would be to use the catering services of a specialized company


Do not ever rent a hall for events that do not cope with the number of guests that you can have. Information provided by the restaurant may refer to maximum capacity (for dinners or receptions), but try to find out the real capacity for weddings, because you need a dance floor and pass through the tables. Nothing is more uncomfortable than enough space for dancing or spending a night crammed between the table neighbors. We recommend you choose a location that is larger with at least 10% of the number of guests expected.

If a location has several wedding salons, do not count on the fact that you will be the only customers in that evening. Check if there is total separation between them, otherwise you will hear the music of other weddings, instead of yours. Also, make sure that you will be provided passing spaces and separate toilets.

Visit restaurants as clients, before making the final choice.

Sign a service contract with the company that owns the location.

Hand receipt does not oblige the provider to any service but only to the possibility to refund the money.

Set the advance, try to be as small as possible, in case you change your mind usually money are not returned.

Get informed on services received in the account of menu value, additional costs (rental fee or fee cap room), and the possible obligations imposed by the restaurant (band, proper decorations, minimum package of drinks).

Set the menu in detail and the serving hours for each dish.

Check the condition and capacity of toilets.

Beware of placing guests in the doors way, kitchens, toilets, passageways or near the speakers.

Get informed about the value of the tip for waiters and cooks.

If you want to take home some drinks and food remaining after the wedding establish this with restaurant before it.

Agreement Content:

  • Exact date
  • Beginning and ending hour of the event
  • Menu content
  • Basis weight for each menu component
  • Number of waiters that are serving
  • Dinks that are included and which ones (if it must be paid a fee for this and how much)
  • If they are keeping the drinks at cold
  • Ice available
  • Bride cake
  • Air conditioning
  • Band

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