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Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

Be sure that you have your own Wedding Planner who is next to you when you are trying on your dress, when you are ordering your cake, when you pick your wedding decorations or when you are choosing the photographer, to give you some pieces of advice, or to come with creative ideas, to recommend you suppliers and trustful services.

What is actually doing a wedding planner?

-he / she proposes ideas for choosing a theme for the event.

-He / she is looking for suppliers, analyze them and recommends you what is appropriate for you and your event.

-Intermediates and negotiates for you with the wedding service suppliers.

-He / she advises you and guide you in picking your decisions.

-He / she established the schedule of the entire event and the steps that must be done.

-He / she will save your time and money.

Star Events may assure your Wedding Planer that you need. Our experience recommends us.

A lot of couples have the impression that it will be more expensive to hire a wedding planner, when actually the wedding planner helps you to make savings.

We are waiting for you at the headquarter o the Star Events agency for the organizing of the wedding you have dreamed about.

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